Operations Bureau

Emergency and Non Emergency Operations

Great Brook Emergency Medical Services has been a provider of emergency and non-emergency transports since 2010.  With just over 40 employees and a fleet of 5 vehicles we service New Hampshire from the Lakes Region to the Seacoast, and from the Capitol Region to the Southwest and Eastern Vermont.  We utilize two stations to coordinate logistics for our territory.

Deputy Chief of Operations

Debra Boyll

603-945-4511 Ext. 804

Debra has been with Great Brook Emergency Medical Services since its inception.  She oversees all facets of our interfacility transfer services as well as our EMS event coverage details and services and all mutual aid 911 responses.

She is responsible for overseeing fleet maintenance and serves as a liaison to all of our contractual partners. 

Station 1 – Pembroke Headquarters

David Bessey, Captain

603-945-4511 Ext. 804

Dave supervises all operations at station 1.  This includes logistical support for supplies, daily operations for transfers and requests for emergency assistance, fleet operation, and daily business needs and requirements.

Station 1 is located in the Capitol Region and is central to the state of NH.  This station services the Capitol Region, Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Region, the  Southern NH Region as well as the Southwest Region Eastern Vermont Region.

Hospitals served in these areas include Concord Hospital, New London Hospital, Dartmouth Medical Center, Cheshire Medical Center, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, and Grace Cottage Hospital.

This station provides mutual aid assistance to municipal departments as requested or needed.

Station 2 – Franklin

Don Himsel, Captain

603-945-4511 Ext. 802

Don has been with Great Brook Emergency Medical Services for just over 2 years.  He supervises all operations within station 2 to include supplies, fleet operations, and requests for transfers and mutual aid responses.

Station 2 is in the lakes Region serves the Lakes Region as well as the Ossipee Valley Region.  

Hospital serviced by this station include Lakes Regional General Hospital, Franklin Regional General Hospital, and Huggins Hospital.

This station provides mutual aid assistance to municipal departments as requested or needed.

EMS Event Standby

Great Brook  EMS provides event stand by coverage to a wide range of events from motocross races and practices, to race care and antique motorcycle practices, to roller derby bouts, road races, football, and many other events through out the year.

We can provide single resource EMS providers to full ambulance and transporting services at both the basic and advanced life support levels.

We utilize a combination of ATV’s and side by sides to access patients in remote locations during events as well as bike patrol for urban events.