Professional Emergency Medical Services

Great Brook EMS will provide a committed standby to organizations for their events when requested.  A committed standby is when a customer requests a single EMS attendant or EMS crew to come to their event and standby for emergencies. The EMS attendant or crew is dedicated to your event for the pre-determined, contracted amount of time.

Great Brook EMS does charge the event organizers a fee for this service and all patients and treated, stabilized, and prepared for transport.  Our attendants will contact the local EMS service and work collaboratively to transition the patient over to their care for transport to the local hospital.  If you or your organization are interested in reserving Great Brook EMS for your upcoming event, contact us and request a quote.

Examples of events that we provide this service for are soccer games, football games, hockey games, horse shows, roller derby events, mixed martial arts events, company outings, and many more.  Our administrative team is happy to answer your questions and provide you with a responsible quote for services.