Communications Bureau

The communications bureau at Great Brook Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the intake of all emergency and non-emergency calls and requests for service.  Our communications dispatchers utilize computer aided dispatch software to prioritize and route calls for service to the appropriate field units for a quick and timely response.

This bureau is also responsible for all radio communications in our fleet as well as overseeing our continuous quality improvement program with our electronic patient care reporting system.

Communications Captain

Sarah Munson


Sarah has been with Great Brook EMS for just over three years. Sarah oversees the communications bureau which includes all of our dispatchers as well as our patient care report CQI personnel. 

Sarah is responsible to ensure that continuous communications occur between our customers and our providers. Our dispatchers must be trained in our computer aided dispatch software and be able to operate under stress and have the ability to multi-task.  Training focuses on these aspects as well as call taking in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Our dispatchers are also trained as emergency medical technicians which help them better server our customers and prioritize calls that are received.

Dispatch Software

Great Brook Emergency Medical Services utilizes the “Advance Dispatch” cloud based computer aided dispatch system to track and coordinate our responses to both emergency and non-emergency incidents.

Dispatchers log in critical information about the call, dispatch units, and time stamp their progress from beginning to end.  Utilizing our unique relationship with other ambulance services, we are able to transfer call data from one service to another for mutual aid runs with the click of a mouse.  This helps decrease response times and increases the efficiency to which we provide care to our patients.


Our dispatchers must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.  They are required to take both emergency and non-emergency calls from residences and other public safety agencies and ambulance services.  Even under stressful situations Great Brook EMS requires the utmost attention be paid to the customer service experience.

Great Brook EMS is looking for qualified individuals who can withstand the demands of this career and who take pride in their work.  If you are an individual who enjoys a healthy work environment with flexible hours and an ever changing work load we are looking for you.