Great Brook EMS provides special operational services for larger or unique events.  A bike standby is when a customer requests a bike crew to cover their event and standby for emergencies. Our bike crews carry basic life support (BLS) equipment with them and are prepared for most medical emergencies.

In the event that transport to the hospital or additional medical attention is needed, the crew will utilize a cellular phone or portable radio to contact on site Great Brook EMS ambulances to provide further stabilization and transport or will contact local EMS units. Great Brook EMS does charge the event organizers a fee for this service and all patients transported via ambulance are billed the normal established transport rates.

Great Brook EMS can also provide portable first aid tents which can be staged along extended routes or placed strategically through out a large venue.

Great Brook EMS can also provide remote access with our all terrain vehicle (side by side) which is fully equipped with emergency lighting and patient litter for extrication to awaiting ambulances.  This is perfect for motocross races, 5K or road races in remote locations, or other large venues when time is of the essence.

If you or your organization is interested in reserving any of our special operational services please contact our administrative team.  They are ready and happy to provide you with an appropriate price quote.