Our Company

Great Brook Emergency Medical Services was established back in 2010.  When we first started we were a single ambulance company who specialized in non-transport EMT event stand by services.  We had obtained an old ambulance from what was then Rockingham Regional Ambulance” to serve as our “rescue vehicle”  This vehicle was for non-transport purposes only and had just over 300,000 miles on it.  In fact, she was just broken in, some might say.

As time marched on, The need for Great Brook EMS’s services grew and soon we found ourselves looking to provide transport services.  We purchased our first transporting vehicle about eight (8) years ago and quickly purchased another.

With two ambulances and armed with a transport license we began to specialize in providing EMS services for motocross.  Our first partnership to provide services was with Tony Laruso’s NHMX motocross park in Lempster NH.  We learned a lot that year, and then began providing some services to other motocross parks.  It was not long before we purchased our third ambulance (a van ambulance) that we affectionately call “Kermit”.  

In 2018 the decision was made to expand our services once again and move on to include interfacility transfers.  It was a slow start, and there was a time that we were happy to just get one call per day.  But our reputation soon got out and before we knew it we were running multiple calls per day and running out of ambulances. 

We purchased our fourth ambulance and then our fifth in 2020.  Today we run five (5) ambulances with three (3) crews on per day handling both interfacility transfer requests as well as providing much needed mutual aid to some municipalities.  

Our business model is unique to many.  We do not attempt to come into an area or region and “take over”.  Instead, we know that there is a shortage of good EMS services and transporting organizations.  We would rather work with and along side existing services to help strengthen their efforts and help with overload.  Our model is to support services that already exist and not become conflict for or with them.  Great Brook EMS has found great success with this model and we have forged some excellent partnerships an working relationships with many other private EMS services and municipalities alike.

Great Brook EMS provides both basic life support and advanced life support care and services.  Besides five (5) ambulances we also have two (2) ATV side by sides that we use for special rescue and extrication.  We can provide bike patrol for urban events in towns and cities.  We have two stations to better serve our areas and communities and we look forward to the next ten (10) years of growth and working relationships with our partners in healthcare.