Our Mission and Goals

Our Vision

Great Brook Emergency Medical Services is continuously working to improve its operations through training and member preparation. We want to provide the best possible patient care and community service. Through increased involvement with other organizations and resources in the community, we will be an excellent provider of emergency services.

Great Brook Emergency Medical Services will be an active and positive contributor to every organization we serve.

Through training, we will continually prepare our providers to deliver the best possible service. 

We will focus on recruitment and retention of the best and brightest employees. We will accomplish this by making Great Brook Emergency Medical Services a positive, comfortable, and professional atmosphere where people will want to contribute their time. Great Brook Emergency Medical Services will be worthy of the time and effort of the members, and will utilize that in a positive and productive manner so that people feel that their contributions are appreciated and their time has been well spent.

We will provide adequate information and education for the community to increase awareness of our service and proper prevention of illness and injury. Through increased prevention strategies, we will help our customers reduce the incidence of injury and illness and thereby decrease the demand for our services.

Our Goals and Objectives

  1. Excellence in total patient care
  2. Recruitment and retention of good people
  3. Excellent training opportunities provided and available
  4. Assuring the infrastructure necessary so that our services will be available regardless of man-made or natural disaster
  5. Having an excellent, well-deserved image and reputation in the emergency services and general communities, and maintaining good relationships in these areas

These goals and objectives are equal in weight and importance, except that patient care is always most important and is held in the highest regard over all other items.